Bio Claudio Gangi
Professional Photographer


Claudio Gangi was born in Milano, where he transformed his student’s hobby into professional work.

Now he works in fashion, editorial and advertisement world; actually he prevalently works in Italy and his pictures (editorial and campaign) are published in the most important fashion magazine (Elle, Vogue, Maxim, Fox, La Griffe, Estetica, intown, ars-arpel, Natural Style ,etc…)

His pictures are also available in Stock sites:

Shutterstock (Alias – Gangiskhan)

Fotolia (Alias – Gangiskhan)

Gettyimages (Alias – Gangiskhan)




“I think i’m very lucky, my hobby and my passion coincide with my work, and my work is
to meet and photograph the world’s most beautiful women.
My passion is to capture and share the elegance and the sensual beauty of the female form.
I use many models and with all of them as I always try to form special working relationships.
I think this is the most important part of taking a great photograph. I have very special feelings for my models and they for me.”

“I think of myself like a traveler throughout my imaginary world of women, a world made
of beauty, charm, sensuality and mystery. The photographer has to capture what a glance often misses, the photographic image is an instant, the best instant of a moving emotion. A second chance is rare”

He likes to work in studio but also in location, in both cases he like to have total control of light, and he uses flash also in open location.

He was one the first users of digital technology and consider the digital like a new age to rich more control on the final result of a photo: “finally i don’t have no more yellow fingers because of chemicals, and i can do all that i wish also in color pics”

Beside of his main personal site, he just open a NEW SITE that represents his tribute to feminine beauty world: a world of refined sensuality shown through images full of seduction and passion.
In the archive you will meet female beauty that reflect prototypes of timeless charming seduction.

“My goal and my challenge, with this new site, is to discover female intimacy atmosphere and translate into images in the more elegant and charming way”

Claudio Gangi

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